Teen Normal

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200ml Cleanser Normal Skin

Start your glow routine with this rich, creamy cleanser to comfort your delicate skin and remove daily pollutants, excess oil and makeup.

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125ml Toner Normal Skin

Breathe in the relaxing scents of rose and jasmine as you spritz away after cleansing. Let your mind, body and soul drink in the natural flavours mother earth has provided.

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60ml Moisturiser Normal Skin

Finish your glow routine with this luxuriously rich moisturiser blended with the scents of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Jasmine, to leave your body and mind feeling like you’ve had a nourishing spa experience.

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30ml Spot Remover Teen

Who needs blemishes? Wipe away your blemishes as they appear with the inkandi spot remover.

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