About Inkandi

Inkandi skincare was created out of the need to find a natural skin solution for a mother and daughter that catered for their different skin types. We also realised the need to stop, breathe and nourish ourselves from the outside in. What came about was an Australian skincare range for adults and teens which is 100% natural, vegan and chemical free.

Our Teen range caters to those with different skin types – normal or oily, sensitive or blemished.  We aim to give everyone a time to stop and care for yourself. Our Adult range is designed to provide a deeper layer of moisture for the skin that has seen a few more years, we need a few more inkandi cuddles from the outside in.

At Inkandi we believe our products give the gift of a small amount of time in the day to stop, breathe and give gratitude and love whilst nourishing our bodies. It’s the inkandi daily cuddle to yourself.